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Frequently Asked Questions about our Organic Corn Heating Packs
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Table of Contents

  1. Will the corn pop?
  2. Can I wash the corn pack?
  3. Do instructions come with the heating pad?
  4. Is it possible to request another color or design?
  5. What makes your corn heating pads different from others on the market?
  6. How are you qualified to make this product?

Will the corn pop?

No, we do not use popcorn. The corn we use is grown by USA farmers and is there are no chemicals used in the corn.  By using this product you are supporting American Farmers and American Business!

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Can I wash the corn pack?

We do not advise it and that is why we make the outer sham to cover the inner liner. Additionally, we advise that you only heat your corn packs in a "Clean" microwave to extend the long life and cleanliness of your pack. You may wash your cover as often as you like.  It's best if you don't wash the corn bags, and use a washable cover. However, there are some people who have washed the corn heating packs by using the following steps:

If you feel the need to clean the corn bags you may do so by gently hand washing in mild soap for a few minutes, but don't wash any longer than absolutely necessary, or you'll hydrate and soften the corn. Then drip dry on a cloths line for a few hours followed by a cloths drier on gentle for about 15-30 minutes (to get the moisture out). Once you have completed these steps heat in the microwave, then place on a rack to dry. It is important to expel the moisture absorbed into the corn by microwaving the corn pack a few times, allowing it to dry in between. Heat in the microwave and let dry in this manner about three times. It is crucial to get most of the moisture out in the dryer first or you will end up cooking the corn and the pack will be ruined. Frequent washing is not recommended, but if you feel the need to freshen them once or twice a year use this method at your own risk. A better way to clean them is to move all the corn to one side, and carefully wash the fabric on the opposite end of the bag. Move the corn to the opposite end of the bag, and finish washing the fabric, trying not to get the corn any wetter than necessary. To dry, microwave the bag two or three times for the normal amount of time for the size of bag you're using, letting cool in between.

Please keep in mind that if you do wash our heritage corn heating pads and they become unusable you will need to discard the pack and purchase a new one.

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Do instructions come with the heating pad?

Absolutely!  We are 100% safety conscious and we always include instructions.  If you have questions that aren't answered you may call or email us and we will do our best to assist you with your concerns.

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Is it possible to request another color or design?

Yes! Our company was founded on custom orders, so you certainly may request colors not listed and we will try to accommodate your preferences. Just email us and let us know if there is a particular color, print or fabric you prefer.  If you choose a fabric other than our standard fabrics (Flannel, Cotton, Fleece), then the price may differ from what is listed.  However, we cannot guarantee availability. For an alternate design we will need to make pricing adjustments and we cannot give exact quotes until the design has been made.

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What makes your corn heating pads different from others on the market?

First of all our Holistic Corn Packs are all HANDMADE IN THE USA exclusively by Pioneer Heritage Shoppe! We do not import gifts that we list has handmade.  This is an unethical tactic used by many online retailers.  We caution you against purchasing the imported corn packs as you really do not know what you are getting. Since these packs do get heated in a microwave if you receive a heating pad that has been laced with chemicals you could end up suffering from fumes or even a fire in your microwave.  Each of our quality handmade Holistic Heating pads are carefully hand-made here in our North Dakota store and we take great care in preparing the corn in keeping it organic.  When corn is stored grain bins it can become dirty, so we take great care to get rid of any unwanted residue.  Our corn undergoes 6 different phases of quality control. We wash, sterilize, grade and inspect all the corn to insure a high quality and clean product using all natural methods to insure that your corn will be free of any pests and dirt.  Additionally, every inner liner and outer cover sham is handmade with care by Pioneer Heritage Shoppe with quality fabrics.

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How are you qualified to make this product?

I'm so glad you asked this question!  Pioneer Heritage Shoppe is a family owned company and was founded by myself, Beth Friesen, and I have vast experience in product development, manufacturing and creative arts. I worked as a professional seamstress for many years, so this is just a natural extension of our company. You can certainly learn more about my experiences by clicking on our company information.

Each year we try to design a new or improved product to better your life. This year our newest product will help just about anyone who needs to feel relief from pain or wants to have the comfort of warmth holistically. Over the past three years we have conducted research and testing on our newest product line to meet our high standards.

Finally, Pioneer Heritage Shoppe is proud to bring to you our newest product line in holistic healing - Heritage Natural Corn Heating Packs with moist penetrating heat and Heritage Natural Freezer Packs for cold compresses. These handmade Heritage Holistic healing heating packs relieve tension, pain including menstrual, arthritis and fibromyalgia pain and owees for young and old alike.

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