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Terms of Service Cancellation, Payment Acceptance and Return Policies
Pioneer Heritage Shoppe is a small family owed business devoted to offering quality custom handmade to order and one of a kind gifts. As such we can only offer a limited return policy, so please read our payment acceptance and return policies so you know what you are agreeing to when you place your online, mail or telephone order. All orders placed by any method are agreeing to our terms. Thank you


We Protect Your Information ~ Secure Transactions at Pioneer Heritage Shoppe! Shop Online Safely with Secure Transations at Pioneer Heritage Shoppe where all your information is kept Private! We accept Mastercard, Visa Credit or Debit Cards.
Shop Securely With Your Credit Card at Pioneer Heritage Shoppe - Payments Accepted USA & Canada: Payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Credit or Debit Cards are happily accepted using our Secure online shopping cart. Your credit card details will be taken on our secure server. All online credit card and order information is encrypted and sent via SSL secure transmission, the latest and most secure technology available. You will be asked to provide your CVV2 (3 or 4 digit code) code off the back or front of your credit card. Please refer to the information HERE to see why this is necessary. No Credit Card information is maintained 60 days after the sale. We only keep it that long to assist in returns/exchange or refunds of any kind. For check payments see below. You will NOT be charged for your order until we review your order and process it manually in our store. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Placing your order online:

1. Please check your order carefully before submitting it in the shopping cart.  Make sure the product that you are ordering is correct as well as the billing and shipping addresses provided.  We are not responsible for errors that you make.  We ship only what is on the order form that you submit and to the address you submit, so please check your order carefully.

2.  Please promptly check your email box for a copy of your order - make sure you have our email addresses on your acceptance list or your may not receive your order confirmation
( and If you notice any discrepancies notify us immediately. Some orders ship out the same day, so if you see an error please call us so we can make corrections, or if necessary intercept a shipment. 

3. PRE-ORDERS: If you placed an order for an item that is listed as "Pre-Order" then you will receive the pre-order price and it will be charged and shipped once it becomes available.  If you have other items on the order you can request that we hold the entire order to ship together to save you on shipping charges, otherwise your pre-ordered item will ship separately.  You will not be charged for any pre-order until they are ready to ship.  Please contact us with questions. 

Click HERE if you need help understanding the shipping service options and shopping cart shipping estimates.

Thank you !

Processing Credit Cards:

1. Please be advised that if you provide us with a billing address that is NOT associated with your credit card we can not process your order. Everything must match including the name, address, postal code, phone number and CVV2 code associated with the credit card you are using for your purchase.

2. You must provide us with a Valid Email Address: If we have no way to contact you to verify your order with a valid email address and we are unable to reach you by phone then your order will be canceled.

3. By placing your order online, by telephone, mail, or email you are authorizing us to charge or credit your credit card for the merchandise, exchange, return and restock fees as indicated in our policies.

If you have questions or want to be sure your order goes through, then please either email us or call us during regular business hours.

Credit Card verification issues:
We will contact you for verification of your credit card if there is a problem processing your CVV or other address verifications. If these cannot be resolved we will need to contact the issuing bank for further verificaiton. Credit card transactions that require additional verifications from the issuing bank will be assessed a service fee. Fees will added to shipping. If verification cannot be resolved the order will be canceled.

Pay Pal Payments:
Pay Pal payments are not the preferred method of payment here at Pioneer Heritage Shoppe. You will need to contact us for special authorization and there are restrictions.  Any returns paid via Pay Pal will be for in-store credit only.  All payments made using Pay Pal are subject to a transaction fee and we reserve the right to decline payments by this method, please contact us if you have questions.

Phone Orders: Prefer to telephone in your order? Great! We can take your order by phone using your Credit Card during our regular business hours. If calling in your order, please do not leave your credit card information on our voicemail. Instead leave your name, telephone number including your time zone and the best time to reach you and we will return your call to take your order. Please keep in mind that if we don't answer the telephone we may be helping another customer, so please leave us a message. Credit cards are processed using our credit card terminal just as if you were right here in our store! You will be asked to provide your CVV2 (3 or 4 digit code) code off the back (or front if AMEX) of your credit card, click HERE for help in locating this number and see why this is necessary. No Credit Card information is maintained in our data base 60 days after the sale. We only keep this information that long to assist with returns, refunds, exchanges or credits.

Phone or Mail Order Return Policy Form: Please make sure you have read our terms of service and return policies and by placing your telephone order or mail order you are agreeing to these policies.

Phone Orders Accepted (To contact us by telephone Click HERE)
Monday - Friday 10 AM - 4 PM CST ONLY
By calling in your order YOU ARE AGREEING to our RETURN POLICIES, even if you don't complete our terms/return policy agreement form.

FAX: Sorry we no longer accept any order by Fax.

Mail In Orders: If you prefer to mail in your order please use our printable order form and include your contact information. You MUST CALL US BEFORE MAILING YOUR ORDER to receive your order total and for check authorization. Please read our check acceptance policies below.

Please use our printable Mail in Order Form HERE. 

USPS mail is not a reliable method of placing your order, however if you choose to order using this method we caution you to take the following security measures.
1. Call or email
us and let us know when you mailed your order, and if we do not receive it within 10 days of that date we will email you and let you know.
2. Make sure you do NOT include any credit card payment details in your order and that your payment has been certified by your bank and made payable to our store.  If you are paying by credit card we ask that you order on our secure website or call in your order.
3. Do not assume anything! Contact us for an order verification number and expected delivery timeline.
4. Keep in mind that if you are mailing in your order, you will need to contact us for a total that includes shipping.  If you fail to add that total to your check then your order will not be processed and will be discarded.  We do not mail back invalid checks. We will contact you by email to let you know your order has not been accepted.  If we do not hear back from you within 3 business days we will assume you do not wish to keep the order and your payment and order will be discarded.

Emailing Orders:
If you choose to email us your order, please do not send your credit card information in the email as this is not a secure transmission. Instead please call us during our regular business hours and have us take the order by phone. Please use the same caution as is listed for mailing orders.

Payment By Check: You may also pay with a CERTIFIED money order, CERTIFIED personal check, or if you are a wholesale customer your business check.
Cashier's Checks are not accepted. Simply use the shopping cart to process your order. All orders paid by any check will be held until the check has cleared the bank. If you do not submit a certified check your order will either be delayed or canceled. There will be a $45.00 charge assessed for all dishonored checks. (Uncollected balances will be turned over to collections at thirty (30) days. All finance charges, costs and attorney's fees will be the responsibility of the debtor). All checks must be made out in the EXACT amount owed for your purchase. We do not give refunds for checks written for more than the purchase amount.

Taxes: All online orders are tax exempt unless you live in North Dakota. Pioneer Heritage Shoppe is required to collect taxes for North Dakota residents. Please select the State you reside in from the drop down menu located in the shopping cart. Tax rate for North Dakota residents is currently 5.25%. Thank you.

Sending Checks: Please make your CERTIFIED CHECK payable in US Funds for the exact amount of your purchase (we do not give change) and mail to:

Pioneer Heritage Shoppe
Attn: Order Department
301 Merl St.
PO Box 68
Fairdale, ND 58229


Currency Converter:
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Revised: 12-30-16 Significant Revisions to policies will be noted in bold next to the policy with the revision date.

 UPDATE: We are in the process of doing a major update on our website, so please bear with us during this renovation. The upgraded website will be mobile friendly on all devices. When we launch the new site it will look significantly different, and you will have the opportunity to save significantly on all products in the store. We will be launching many new products, so book mark our site and keep checking back! Thank you for your patronage!

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