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Customer Testimonials ~ Our Customers just love our Rustic Decorating gift ~ Handmade Gifts ~ Professional Preserved and Decorated Wreaths and Swags and floral arrangements ~ Hand-Knitted Baby Blankets Kitchen Accessories and Knitted Gifts all Handmade in America at Pioneer Heriage Shoppe!

This is a sample of our customers comments & satisfaction edited only for brevity. We do not post customer last names or addresses to protect our customers privacy. Send us your comments and we will post them. Thank you

  • Hi, My sister told me I would love your Organic Heating Packs, well right now I don't think I could live without it!! Thank you so much and if I can do anything to help you get more costumers just let me know. Bend, OR USA

  • Beth, I received my hand-knitted slippers today and they are sooooo cute, way cuter than your pictures can even show!  I thank you so much for letting me know you had a customer cancel their order and that I could get these double knitted slippers instantly, I absolutely LOVE them!  I've ordered from you several times and all of my slippers from you are still in perfect condition and you do such beautiful work!  I just can't get enough of them!  Thank you so much for everything!
    Brenda, OR USA

  • Hi Beth! I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me! My grandmother used to knit us all slippers like those you make when she was alive--finding you and the quality of the slippers was like finding a valuable treasure chest! Thank you for everything!
    Danielle, NE USA

  • Just a Thank You! Delivery of the Preserved Transparent Oak was on time and was an added dimension to our beautiful event. Will definitely keep you on file for future events.
    Geneveive, NY USA

  • I just wanted to call and tell you that I'm very happy with my Hanging Santa Cruz Oregano Swag!  It's just perfect and I'm very pleased, thank you.
    Cynthia, MI USA

  • Good afternoon, Beth. I received the hand-knitted wool slippers yesterday and I want to tell you many thanks. They are very comfortable, especially at night. I shall enjoy them for a very long time. My Best,
    Gary, PA USA

  • You, without a doubt, are one of the best online businesses I have ever found and wish I knew about you earlier. I have paid terrible shipping costs for some knitting and crocheting supplies. One today was going to charge $50.00 to ship by USPS. How on earth they arrived at that amount certainly shocked me! The shipping was the more than the order so I canceled it. Thank you again.
    Joan, BC Canada

  • I received my beautiful, soft Zitron Noblesse yarn today. Thank you very much.
    Rica, NJ USA

  • Beth, I received the rose. It is startling when first seen. As perfection usually is......I will treasure it. Thank you!
    Jay, OK USA

  • "OMG!!! We love the hot packs...My husband uses them on his lower back and neck...I have used them on my chest when I got a breast infection from nursing. They are awesome. Thank you!!
    Jennifer, OR USA

  • Beth, it is such a pleasure doing business with your company!  I know I can count on you to assist me in making the best choice for preserved flowers and foliages for my business and my customers appreciate the high quality materials I am able to acquire from your Shoppe!  I have purchased from other sources in the past only to be disappointed by poor quality and poor service.  Thanks again Beth for continuing to offer these exquisite florals at discounted prices!
    Alana, NY USA

  • I recently purchase your organic neck corn packs and just love them!  I will definitely be ordering more all natural heating packs from you for Christmas gifts and for my self of course!
    Mia, NE USA

  • Oh was I ever happy to have found your store!  I've been searching high and low for good quality Sweet Annie Herbs! I found you had two different kinds of Sweet Annie and I love them both! The Natural Sweet Annie is a perfect filler for my designs and the Premium Sweet Annie is so soft it is my favorite for full base designs and other floral arrangements.  I'm so glad you offer discounts for larger purchases and I appreciate your attention to detail and your excellent customer service!  I will definitely recommend you!
    Rania, AK USA

  • I am so glad I found your store! I LOVE my NEW Holistic Heating Neck Pack! I now have something that really works on my neck aches and an added bonus is that it really warms up my bed at night even more than my husband does! Thank you for this quality product and your lightening fast service I will definitely shop with you again!
    Anne, ND USA

  • I am so glad I found your yarn store! The quality of yarn you carry is simply gorgeous! I particularly love the Austermann and Schulana yarns and I LOVE the Elegant Patterns! I'm always knitting something and now I know exactly where to go for all my patterns, needles and yarn supplies! Thank you for your prompt professional service Beth! I will definitely shop with you again!
    Patricia, PA USA

  • I LOVE my NEW Holistic Heating Pack from your Shoppe! I absolutely love to come home after delivering the morning newspapers in cold and heat my pack up for just a couple of minutes and warm my freezing feet! This Heating Pack makes a GREAT bed warmer too! Thank you for your quick service I will definitely shop with you again!
    Marge, OR USA

  • I received my order for the Schulana Knitting Books and Addi Turbo Needles today and was thrilled at the quality patterns and the high quality needles! I'm a veteran knitter, but until now have never tried the Addi needles. Now, I will never knit with any other needle. The difference is astounding and well worth the price! The patterns are exquisite and I can't wait for the Schulana Spring 2009 and Austermann 2009 issues to arrive! Thank you for your quick service I will definitely shop with you again!
    Elizabeth, London England

  • I received your Holistic Heating Pack for Christmas and I absolutely love it! I was out in the garage doing laundry and my feet got cold. I hurried up and went inside and heated up my new Heating Pack and put my feet on it and they warmed right up! Thank you so much for a quality product that can be re-used over and over again!
    Brandon, OR USA

  • I received my Holistic Heating Pack and I felt compelled to let you know that I love it! I'm anxiously awaiting the neck pack as well. I live in the freezing north and I'm so glad I ordered this product as it has helped me stay warm at night safely! I also enjoy the benefits of relieving back pain and fibromyalgia/bursitis pain! Keep up the fabulous work!
    Anne, MN USA

  • Dear Beth, The slippers arrived yesterday, and they look fabulous!
    Thank You again for your beautiful work. I appreciate your dedication and the work ethic that is so obvious in the Hand-Knitted Slippers. You are a good person, and Iím so thankful for you. I wish You and your Family a wonderful Thanksgiving. Sincerely,
    Patty, CA USA

  • Wow Beth, I received my Commemoration Bouquet today and it is simply GORGEOUS! You do exceptionally beautiful work. Everyone who has seen my Commemoration Bouquet loves it and remarks on its stunning beauty from every angle! Thank you so much!
    Maria, CT USA

  • Beth, this Flower Girl Bouquet is stunning! It is complete & beautiful. My cousin said that it looks better than hers. She loves it!!!!!! She said that she has never, ever seen such flowers. Your bouquets are different & simply gorgeous & worth every penny. Many thanks for all of your patience and hard work. Another Perfect Piece.
    Josephine, NY USA

  • Beth, WOW are these Hand-knitted Slippers comfortable. I haven't enjoyed this level of comfort on my feet from slippers since my grandmother made and gave knit slippers at Christmas many, many years ago. These Slippers are very well made, don't make my feet sweat, are feather-light on my feet, and I love the design and colors. Thanks Beth!
    Vince, OH USA

  • I LOVE the Hand-Knitted Back Scrubbers ! They work great and I love the colors! Thank you.
    Marge, OR USA

  • The Communion Bouquet looks stunning! It is a beautiful piece.
    Thank you
    Josephine, NY USA

  • Hi, your new site looks great!, not to mention my stunning Communion Bouquet on the front page. Well, everyone that I showed it to loves it as much as I do & now I would like to order something similar for my daughter's graduation. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I love your work. Many thanks.
    Josephine, NY USA

  • Wow! These hand-knit slippers are just so nice and cushiony! I just love them and my feet stay so nice and warm....I just can't believe it. My husband is always complaining that I have cold feet and after wearing my new double hand-knitted slippers from Pioneer Heritage Shoppe he has no more complaints!! You do really nice work Beth, I will definitely be ordering more for me as well as other family members! Thank you!
    Anne, CT USA

  • My kids all love the Children's Hand-Knitted Slippers ! They are so cute and very comfy and warm! They all especially liked that they have their names on them. Thank you so much!
    Brenda, OR USA

  • I LOVE the Hand-Knitted Slippers ! They are so cute and very comfy! I especially like that they have my name on them. Thank you.
    Marge, OR USA

  • My wife LOVES the Hand-Knitted Slippers ! I look forward to doing business with you again! Thanks for your personal touches to all of my orders. That's very nice and considerate in this day and age. I always look forward to ordering from your Shoppe. Thank you!
    Tim, CA USA

  • WOW I just love my baby's Thick and Soft Baby Afghan ! It is so very, very Soft! I just love it! Thank you again Beth!
    Brenda, OR USA

  • Thanks for your personal touches to all of my orders. That's very nice and considerate in this day and age. I always look forward to ordering from your Shoppe. Thank you again Beth!

  • I received my order for the Hydrangea Rose Swags, today and they are just beautiful! Thank you so much!.
    Maria, CT USA

  • I LOVE the Sweet Dreams Baby Blanket, it is sooo beautiful, definitely a keepsake! Thanks again.
    Jacquie, BC Canada

  • Hi Beth I just wanted you to know that we received the Brocade Pew Posy Pockets and they are beautiful and the bride is very happy with the outcome! The Pew Posy's are just STUNNING!
    Thank you again for everything.
    Joanne MA USA

  • Dear Beth, I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your flowers are. The Preserved Blue and Pink Rose Bouquets. came yesterday. The blue is striking; I have never seen that color on a rose in my life! Thank you again!

  • Dear Friends, Thank you so much for the lovely Preserved Lavender Rose Bouquet. They are simply gorgeous! Naturally, I'm back again. I would like to order more Premium Preserved Roses in a stemmed bouquet. Thanks!
    Paul, CA USA

  • Beth, I just received the Jacquie's Willow Eucalyptus Herb Swag and while it is really beautiful the color just doesn't go as well as I thought it would with my house. I would like to exchange it for the Rosanna's Eucalyptus Herb Swag that I already ordered. The Rosanna's Eucalyptus Herb Swag looks so beautiful in our home. You did a beautiful job! The 24" and 30" Birch Heart Wreaths are also so beautiful! Thank you so much for doing this exchange for me!.

  • Wow Beth! The Lace Baby Blanket is beautifully done!
    Brenda, OR USA

  • These Knit Slippers are beautiful!
    Debbie, MA USA

  • Beth, I just received the Big Birch Heart Wreaths and they are so BEAUTIFUL! I just wanted to let you know how much I love them they are just FABULOUS! Thank you.
    Mary, CA USA

  • I just love the wonderfully warm Simply Soft Scarf I received as a Christmas gift. This scarf really helps keep me warm as I go out in the early mornings! I just LOVE how soft and warm it is! Thank you so much for making such beautiful products - you really do beautiful high quality work!

  • I just love the wonderfully warm Double Knit Slippers I received as a Birthday gift. I have diabetes and this really helps keep my feet super warm! These Knitted Slippers  are the warmest slippers I have ever had - I just LOVE THEM! I hope you can start making knitted socks too! Thank you so much for making such fine products!
    Dale, OR USA

Testimonials 2

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